Millennial Science & Math Series

A unique learning programme to develop scientific, computational and exploratory thinking

Experiential Learning

A Scientific Learning Experience

Transforming education from fact-gathering and rote memorization ordeal to enticing real-world exploration and problem-solving ability

Intuitive Learning

Intuitive Learning

Learn critical and deep thinking for excellence in exams

Interactive Sessions

Interactive Sessions

Boost creativity through thought provoking questions

Strong STEM foundation

Strong STEM foundation

Become a curious self-motivated learner and innovator

About us


Shirish Goyal

Founder & Director

Shirish Goyal is the founder of Osmotiv Labs and is instrumental in developing cutting edge interactive solutions for engaging learning, high-tech research and product development impacting how education and research is disseminated and pursued around the world.

He recently served as Research Scientist and Engineer at Deptt. of Computer Science (HCI Group) and Deptt. of Bioengineering at Stanford University, USA.

He is an alumnus of Guru Nanak Dev University, India and has featured in MIT-TR35 India, Intel-UC Berkeley Global Innovation Platform, Intel Next Big Idea, ET Power of Ideas, IBM Smartcamp and Accenture Global CNR Knowledge Champion Program.

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